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TOEX recognises the importance of developing and dynamically maintaining an evidence base, which demonstrates programme outcomes; capturing learning as well as what works well. Therefore, we are committed to an ongoing cycle of continuous review. 

Crest logoDuring the programme's pilot-year and then year one of full national uplift and implementation, Crest Advisory were commissioned as independent evaluators of the TOEX Programme. Crest have an established reputation, and are specialists within the field of crime and criminal justice, having completed a series of similar evaluations in the past. The Crest team have also published influential reports into organised exploitation, violence, vulnerability and youth justice.

The evaluation framework and key performance indicators (KPIs) were developed independently, but in consultation with the TOEX team and an expert panel, to ensure the evaluation was objective and robust. Each of the reports covered the process, impact, outcomes, and financial and economic elements of TOEX to provide:

  • A clear narrative on the efficacy of the TOEX model,
  • Properly contextualised quantitative data, interviews, and surveys with relevant stakeholders, and
  • Case studies to highlight barriers, adaptations, and successes.

Two significant reports were published by Crest in relation to the TOEX Programme - you can read these by clicking the links below. 

Read more on the latest social and economic report from Crest on TOEX

Read more on the Crest Advisory final evaluation report of the TOEX Programme

From April 2023, we will be publishing our own Evaluation Highlight Report, which has been developed and produced by our in-house Performance Analyst, on a quarterly basis.

The report demonstrates how the programme is achieving a number of key performance indicators, including: 

  • What is the impact of the TOEX Programme on the identification, prioritisation and disruption of organised exploitation offenders and protection of those they would exploit?
  • How effective is the centrally coordinated, regionally delivered TOEX model?
  • What is the ongoing financial efficacy of the regional TOEX ops model, in terms of costs incurred and savings made?

You can read the latest Evaluation Highlight Report via our news section of the website.