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Funding streams

There are different sources of funding that have been combined to cover the resourcing and technical needs of the TOEX Programme to March 2025.

Spending Review (SR)

We have secured Home Office SR funding to cover the costs of; our current staff posts; uplift of additional staff posts to build TOEX teams in non-pilot regions; and the additional costs of running the programme (onboarding, training etc). In April 2022, and following funding allocation of £6.5 million, the programme moved from its pilot phase through to national implementation.

Police Uplift Programme (PUP)

Some of the funding of officer roles within our teams have come from the regional PUP allocation. From April 2022, PUP posts have been allocated to TOEX in each ROCU and these have been combined with the SR allocation to create a TOEX resourcing plan for each region.


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