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TOEX is part of two linked governance structures:

1. Operational response to Organised Exploitation

The first relates to the operational response to Organised Exploitation, as a result of TOEX intelligence and analytical resources being embedded in the ROCUs and the provision of a national team to coordinate the response. The resources, funded by the Spending Review and Police Uplift Programme, are dedicated to tackling the criminal and safeguarding aspects of exploitation under a 4P response model.

A quarterly TOEX Strategic Governance Group (SGG) is attended by senior leads/staff officers for relevant NPCC portfolios, Home Office, C3E strategy partners, PND, VKPP and ROCU pilot sites. The SGG deals with the detail of operational delivery, implementation, resourcing, infrastructure and enablers, communications and stakeholder engagement and Home Office Grant Agreement reporting. It is informed by the findings of the independent evaluation by Crest Advisory and the use of TOEX as an early adopter of the NPCC Single Data Solution.

TOEX are represented on the National Strategic Governance Groups for MSHT & CSA. SGGs held at regional level are attended by the regional TOEX Detective Inspector, to ensure delivery against regional aims and objectives.

2. Technical collaboration

TOEX remains at the cutting edge of technical innovation and we are now looking to transition the data strategy from being force-hosted (Norfolk/Suffolk) to being delivered at a national level on behalf of policing.

There are two key parts to our plans:

  • Single Data Solution – The current TOEX data platform has the unique ability to conflate local, regional, and national data for nine force areas allowing valuable assets to focus on high-harm victims and offenders; filling gaps in tactical intelligence; supporting effective investigations and enriching strategic understanding. Plans are advancing with national partners to expand elements of the TOEX platform and technical architecture to deliver a Single Data Solution (SDS) for policing. Whilst these plans are in the early stages, we are engaging as part of a wider collaboration to deliver the best possible data and analytics solution for policing.
  • Capabilities Environment – Several intelligence, analytical and research tools have been developed by the TOEX data team using open-source technologies freely available on the policing network, and we hope to share the tools at no cost with UK law enforcement. Current local ICT arrangements (Norfolk/Suffolk) are such that there is no secure or effective way to provide access to those tools across TOEX or the wider policing network. We are now working with national partners and industry to develop plans for a cloud-based capability environment where the tools can be securely shared with the confidence they meet full data protection requirements and their use is fully auditable. This will include the ethical, information management and data security considerations, as each tool is designed, tested, and approved for use.