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Case studies

The Tackling Organised Exploitation Programme works from a firm evidence-based approach.

Read more about the TOEX response and how real-world benefits are being achieved from this approach in our below case studies. 

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Operation Make/Keepsafe

Find out how TOEX has been assisting Operation Make/Keepsafe - a national project, looking to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) within the hotel and leisure industry. 

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Human Trafficking

An investigation by Sussex Police, with support from the SEROCU TOEX team, has resulted in a man being jailed for human trafficking offences, due to his involvement in facilitating the illegal entry of 47 people into the UK.

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Operation B

Find out how TOEX supported an organised immigration crime investigation, after a number of people were found in the rear of a lorry that had travelled to the UK.

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Operation Siren

An individual, who was targeting vulnerable victims with fraudulent mortgages, has been the subject of an investigation by West Midlands Police, with support from the ROCUWM TOEX team.

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Operation Ravensbourne

An operation by Lincolnshire Police, with support from the EMSOU TOEX team, targeted an organised crime group in relation to drug dealing and child sexual exploitation.

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Organised Immigration Crime

A case study into suspected organised immigration crime involving child migrants going missing from hotels.

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VAWG Force Profiles

The TOEX Programme has developed innovative force profiles for violence against women and girls (VAWG). 

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Operation Strive

TOEX has undertaken extensive work with adult service websites, using key indicators on these platforms to identify whether users may be a victim of exploitation.

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Operation Headdress

More than 70% of investigations that TOEX are supporting relate to VAWG offences and 83.9% of these have a primary threat of child sexual abuse or modern slavery and human trafficking.

Op Booker

Operation Booker

A joint operation has targeted a modern slavery gang in order to safeguard those who were being exploited.