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Why choose TOEX? Read our staff testimonials below to find out why they chose to join our team! 

"I chose the TOEX fixed term role over a permanent offer to access the training - I heard that the training was second to none and it hasn’t disappointed." - Intelligence Analyst, ROCUWM.

"I was working at Lloyds Bank, but previously had an interest in financial crime and a long-term plan to go into policing. I very much enjoy this role compared with previous jobs which were more focused on processing – this role is problem solving rather than routine." - Financial Intelligence Officer, ROCUWM.

"As an external applicant I thought it was an exciting role - the fact it was a pilot and the crime type." - Researcher, ERSOU.

"I found the recruitment process straightforward, great team and training!" - Intelligence Development Officer, ROCUWM. 

"I have enjoyed moving into the TOEX team - wide variety of training, building up my skill set plus exposure to other departments within the ROCU, which was facilitated though the team induction process." - Researcher, ERSOU.

"I was keen to secure a role where you can help people and solve problems." - Intelligence Analyst, ERSOU.

"Working within TOEX has given me the platform to grow and develop a variety of skills. The programme provides excellent support to assist in personal development and provides opportunities to make a real difference to people who are being exploited." - Data Insight Analyst, ROCUWM. 

"Leaving the military, I found joining the police an easy transition – it was my first interview for a long time, but I went straight into training for my role. Learning policing terminology has been a challenge." - Intelligence Analyst, ROCUWM.