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Operation Ravensbourne

Back in February, an operation by Lincolnshire Police, with support from the EMSOU TOEX team, targeted an organised crime group in relation to drug dealing and child sexual exploitation.

Believed to be active since at least 2018, evidence gathered suggested the group posed a significant threat in relation to sexual offences, violence, and drug offences with links to Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, London, and Torquay.

The TOEX Response

The TOEX team developed a package to fill intelligence gaps regarding several offences the victims reported last summer, in order to build a sequence of events, how the victims were being transported around the UK and whether there were additional suspects or further victims connected to the group.

In December 2022, one of the suspects was charged and remand for Class A and B drug supply - he pleaded guilty and was sentenced in March 2023 to 51 months imprisonment, while another was convicted of possessing drugs.

In February 2023, Lincolnshire Police executed warrants in Lincoln and Reading, and two arrests were made in connection with rape, drugs, trafficking, and money laundering offences. A third man was arrested and interviewed after being produced from HMP Lincoln.    

The team is now in the process of applying for Civil Orders against the men, in the form of two Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPO) and a Sexual Risk Order (SRO).

Head of EMSOU’s TOEX Team - DI Dan Smith, said: “This enforcement was a culmination of hard work from the TOEX team to uncover a whole load of criminal activity.

“We worked tirelessly to ensure that the girls being sexually exploited by these two men were safeguarded and will now have further restrictions placed on them for their futures. This is likely to be much more effective and even more disruptive to them.”

DC Maria Ryder from Lincolnshire Police said: “With the help of TOEX we were able to secure convictions for drugs supply and possession, as well as achieve significant and welcome disruption, and safeguarded a number of vulnerable young people thanks to the help of the Victim Navigator.

“We are now in the process of seeking civil orders in the form of a Sexual Risk Order for one of the men, and Sexual Harm Prevention Order for him and another.

“Working with TOEX, we were able to conduct an extremely thorough investigation and uncover a wealth of other material thanks to their expertise.”