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Good Work Recognition

A Chief Constable’s Good Work Recognition has been awarded to Jack Lambourne, Systems Developer within the TOEX national team, for his exceptional and innovative work as part of developing and creating new analytical capabilities.

The programme remains ambitious with its intention to develop and test new Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) capabilities in the fight against organised exploitation. Jack, as part of the data team, continues to develop and test new tools to tackle some of the technical challenges posed by the criminal operating models and to target the online enablers that allows them to exploit others.

The tools, which have been tested by our pilot regions, have proven invaluable time-saving aids in complex investigations, building efficiencies into the investigation process and facilitating the discovery of previously unknown insight. Examples include a ‘Translation tool’ to bulk translate text (e.g., phone downloads) rather than inputting the text line by line. It has already been incredibly powerful in advancing a number of serious and complex slavery investigations in the eastern region. In addition, the Companies House Explorer tool, which has been useful to those investigating crime with a business element, saves significant time inherent in clicking through and drawing out complex corporate networks using the Companies House website and a network drawing tool.

Following these successful proof-of-concepts, TOEX are now planning a Capabilities Environment where analytical tools, coding and capabilities can be safely and securely created, tested, and approved as part of a Design/Change/Release governance process.

TOEX National Strategic Lead, T/Detective Chief Superintendent Kate Thacker, said: “This is very worthy recognition of the technical skills Jack has brought to the team and shows how such expertise can be applied in response to investigative challenges.”