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Independent Evaluation Update

The TOEX Programme commissioned an independent evaluation to test the programme’s impact during its pilot year. This evaluation work is being undertaken by Crest Advisory, a leading specialist in criminal justice consultancy.

This piece of work has been operating in parallel to the programme, to ensure the implementation and operational delivery phases are measured against key deliverables, as well as helping to build an evidence base to inform wider national implementation thereafter.

An update was provided at this month’s Strategic Governance Group focusing on the benefits of the TOEX model since the regional teams have been embedded, how TOEX is delivering impact and outcomes, and the remaining challenges.

Strengths include the data tools developed by the TOEX team, which are enabling analysts to be more efficient, confident, and comprehensive in their outputs. The TOEX model is also providing both capacity and capability beyond what would have been achieved by a regional uplift of resource numbers alone. In addition, the feedback highlighted how TOEX has created a more comprehensive picture of victim and offender networks, leading to safeguarding and disruption, that may otherwise have not been undertaken.

There remain challenges in how TOEX is integrated within current Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) systems. Work is being undertaken to address these concerns including refining the formal process for requesting TOEX support and Terms of Reference, clarity of outputs and deliverables and TOEX’s contribution within the SOC threat scoring and tasking systems.

Crest will continue to independently evaluate TOEX as it transitions from pilot year to national implementation.