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Non-pilot Researchers

Our pilot is currently operating in three ROCUs – EMSOU, ERSOU and ROCUWM with full intelligence and analytical teams; however, it was crucial that we had a TOEX footprint in every region in anticipation of a national roll-out. Non-pilot areas - London, Tarian (Wales), South East, South West, North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside, have an Intelligence Researcher placed in each region, who have access to contacts, intelligence and experience and provide tasking resilience for the national TOEX team.

The seven researchers are crucial in delivering the TOEX response and have already taken 28 jobs – assisting the national team, supporting pilot regions as well as their own non-pilot areas.

Six of the seven researchers are currently supporting the national team with a child sexual exploitation investigation. As part of this work, they have:

  • Identified vehicles linked to the group of suspects, collating the ANPR data for these vehicles, and exploring patterns of travel.
  • Developed a phone number index and undertaken the communications analysis for around 40 persons of interest as well as identifying other potential suspects. 
  • Identified registered sex offenders who are in contact with two victims.
  • Identified other young females that may be potential victims, and
  • Identified persons of interest using social media accounts and PND

This research has been absolutely key to this investigation and early results featured highly on the first briefing the TOEX team provided to the SIO. This information has already been actioned by the force investigation team.

In addition to the child sexual exploitation investigation, the researchers are:

  • Exploring intelligence systems for more information into nominals who have been identified as being linked to an Eastern European sexual exploitation job across two regions, linking in with the modern slavery coordinator to develop this job.
  • Proactively identifying telephone numbers that look to be advertising girls around the country for sexual services, which is a big indicator of exploitation. The researcher has taken the phone number and data from an online adult services website to see if we have an organised crime network that we need to explore.  Early indications are that we do, and so this work continues.
  • Supporting the National Crime Agency in relation to Asian “money mules” where some students are having their student fees paid for and visas agreed in exchange for opening bank accounts that OCGs can use to launder money through.
  • Searching local systems ensuring intelligence is fully updated on PND. 

The TOEX Intel Development Manager said, “I have been extremely impressed with the work that they have all done and the value that having them as support has added significantly to our work. Much of the work completed by the researchers has already been presented at national working groups and SIO briefings.”