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'Operation K'

To date, more than 80 intelligence investigations, including ‘Operation K’, have been supported by the national and regional TOEX teams.

The increased capacity and capability provided to forces has resulted in more efficient and effective intelligence development and the wide-ranging exploitation of intelligence and data leading to further victims being safeguarded, new suspects and persons of interest being identified, arrests being possible at an earlier stage in the investigation and further harm being prevented.

‘Operation K’ (name redacted due to operational sensitivities) began as a force-level investigation into a high-risk serious and violent offender due for release from prison. TOEX provided an analyst to the owning force to support the operation who developed intelligence, including detailed data on key persons of interest, locations and incidents, as well as produced a number of mobile phone cell site map exhibits, which evidenced potential breaches of the registered sex offender. 

As a result of TOEX’s sophisticated intelligence and analytical development, the offender was arrested, charged, and remains in custody awaiting further court proceedings.

A/Detective Inspector Gary Pemberton from ERSOU TOEX, said: “The products developed by the TOEX analyst as part of this operation were exceptional and highlights how such expertise can be applied in response to investigative challenges.”