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TOEX Evaluation Highlight Report

The TOEX Programme works from a firm evidence-based approach. 

Throughout the pilot year and the first-year of full national implementation, Crest Advisory were commissioned to deliver an independent review of the programme, gathering quantitative and qualitative information, to inform the monthly highlight reports as well as their final report, which was published in May 2023. 

We are pleased to share with you our latest Evaluation Highlight Report, which has been developed and produced by our in-house Performance Analyst, with the findings being published on a quarterly basis.

The report demonstrates how the programme is achieving a number of key performance indicators, including: 

  • What is the impact of the TOEX Programme on the identification, prioritisation and disruption of organised exploitation offenders and protection of those they would exploit?
  • How effective is the centrally coordinated, regionally delivered TOEX model?
  • How feasible, accessible and cost-effective is a centrally delivered NPCC Capabilities Environment (CE) for policing and wider UK law enforcement?
  • What is the ongoing financial efficacy of the regional TOEX ops model, in terms of costs incurred and savings made?

Click here to read the latest Evaluation Highlight Report